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Signature Builders

To assist you in assembling your design & construction team, our developer team can also provide you with contact information for architects, landscape architects and custom builders who are currently completing homes within Valencia Estates or surrounding communities.

Mulvaney & Company
Clinton Homes
Phone: (909) 208-7747

When you have an extraordinary vision of your custom estate, choose a builder with a vision to match. Clinton Communities creates homes for discerning people with a passion for quality, commitment to detail, and dedication to perfection. These magnificent homes, at 10,000 square feet or more, are built to showcase the best of design and craftsmanship, with opulent architecture, intricate woodwork, exquisite masonry and distinctive landscaping.

Clinton Communities was founded by Manuel Valencia, a construction industry veteran of 20 years. Manuel has applied his skills and perfectionism to home-building projects throughout Southern California, establishing his own companies to work with commercial and custom home builders. Now, with Clinton Communities, he brings his passion for the home masterpiece to fruition, creating grand homes of eminence. To every project, Manuel and his teams of expert craftsmen dedicate themselves to your needs and expectations, executing the very essence of your vision.